32 Never looked so Good!

I am going to wake up tomorrow 32 freaking years old.  Funny part… it wasn’t until recently I though I was 33. Yay! I gained a while year in my mind..  Clearly life is passing me by too fast.

I am so blessed! I am the proud new owner of an instapot! I need recipes.  Share your go to recipes with me fellow instapot owners!!

I also splurged on a new camera lens. I am so excited to make time for my side hobby.  Hubby bought me Lightroom so I finally have the means to edit my photos.

*** stay tuned for a photography blogpost***

I love photography and the way it makes you slow down and appreciate the pretty things in life.  Finding beautiful in everyday things is extraordinary to me! It’ the one thing (other then blogging) I do simply for me!

But these two singing “Happy Birthday” … Priceless

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