What we take for granted.

I just feel so blessed to know 100% my kids were safe and having a blast with their daddy while I was at work today! Sometimes I think we rant and rave about what our significant other didnt do… what bothers us.. It’s always so easy to complain!

I came home to a tidyish home … with yummy beef soup… to two beautiful kids fast asleep snuggling with their daddy on the couch.

Just wanted to stop for a minute a say Thank you Blake!

All the single moms and dads out there.. I seriously do not know how you do it. I take for granted the ease of switching off parent duty with Blake and having the opportunity to breath. Not having to pick my kids up at the sitters after work on evenings and weekends. etc etc

Impromptu nap today. So glad Blake snapped this photo. #lovethem

My supper #yummy

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