Why I bought a 10 lb bag of potatoes.

Suppertime! You know the drill! We plan to meal prep but never get around to it! Than 4 o’clock comes around and your like “what the heck am I making these kids for supper”. I’ll pat myself on the back (kinda) for not ordering take out every night.. Pizza happens often enough but not every single night.. so pat my back I am going to do haha.

Minute Rice

This my friends is why the bag of potatoes was bought today. Minute Rice just isn’t working out. It is all over the freaking place. Table/ chairs/ FLOOR/ but that is not all..

It’s also in the kids’ hair, on their clothes ….. which translates into the living room, staircase, the freaking bathtub…

This is tonight’s struggle. Heading out for rare adult time soon (because hubby is taking the reigns so this mommy can take a real break) and I bet you I will fine minute rice somewhere on myself before the nights over.

The freaking struggle is real!

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