Keeping it simple

One of my best friends and I were having a conversation about work life balance the other day. Talking about juggling work/school/motherhood. Every decision we make, now that we are parents, require us to consider how the family unit will be impacted– no matter how big or small the decision is! My girl says “Holly just keep it simple”. What great advice!

Today she said “Holly… remember the other day when we were talking about keeping it simple?? Why on earth did you start a blog??

That is a good question … I am going to try to answer it !!!

In order to lead a full life when your running on an empty tank you have to take time for YOU. I struggle with this.. The unbalance in my life comes from unintentional self neglect 100% GUILTY. Blogging is something I want to do for me. Its a baby step of me taking a Holly mini moment in the center of the chaos.

My kid just had a 45 minute tantrum because i took off his spaghetti covered clothes. My daughter is acting like like a saucy pants. Finally curled up watching Peppa.. No ones crying.. And I can escape into a blog post..

Peace.. Even for a moment… What mom doesn’t want that!?

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