The Journey Begins

Starting a blog is something I have wanted to do since I became a mother.  This job is hard.  Balancing home and baby was challenging when my first born arrived.  I now find myself balancing 2 kids, shiftwork and working towards my graduate degree.  My husband and home fit in there somewhere too!  What I tend to neglect is— ME!  My hope is that I can share my crazy everyday chaos with the aim of accomplishing two goals:

  1. Let the other working moms (and stay at home moms– your job is the most difficult in my opinion) juggling a million duties, living in complete chaos and constantly comparing yourselves to the Pintrest inspired mommies know you ARE NOT ALONE. The pintrest moms don’t have it all together either– trust me!  I know a few personally!
  2. Make myself accountable to do me!  Maybe if I write to inspire and pick up other mothers experiencing the same inner-chaos as me I will be inspired to take time for me!

So here we go!! I am finally doing this!

A little blurb from what my morning looked like!

#1 My kids do NOT sleep.  If one sleeps the other wakes and vise versa.  So the battle started at 10pm last night.  My son drowsily walks downstairs for a snuggle.  Than I hear the shrieking of my 4yo around 11pm.  Clearly someone is in her room chopping off her arm.  Nope!  Just another bad dream.  So this goes on back and forth ALL FREAKING NIGHT.  Than 4:45am comes around and the little s&%$ heads are ready to wake for the day.  Do I get to enjoy a coffee? NO.  We have to work on puzzles together.  Like we HAVE to– or a melt down will ensue.

Breakfast in the living room with peppa pig!  Yep, because I needed a coffee that bad.

Than it is time to get dressed.  Will my 2 yo sit on the potty? NO.. Like come on buddy I know you are ready– JUST SIT ON THE POTTY.  After I chase him around the house for about 5 excruciating long minutes I catch him!  Than we wrestle on his clothes– he is giggling because he thinks he is funny.  I am mad– but can’t help but laugh because it is so ridiculous.  I put my daughter’s hair in a ponytail. “NOOOOOOO I want a braib {braid} like Elsa”.  OK, lets put the braid in her freaking hair.

So fast forward…  we finally get our gear on for the weather, have lunches ready, I am starting to feel hopeful.. Drop off to daycare is now minutes away!

Nope, I chase my son all around my yard as he laughs and tries to evade me preventing me from getting him into the car.  CHAOS… And thank god this morning I didn’t have to be at work and my timeline was more flexible.

Welcome to my life; I look forward to sharing my chaos, and any tips I learn along the way.


This is a picture of my family at the Mother’s day tea last year.  Best shot we got. #hollyshustleworking mom

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


3 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Great job Holly! So many moms and dads share your struggles. Life happens! It’s wonderful to have a place to read and talk to others that suffer the same chaos and triumphs.
    I’ll be following your adventures.
    Auntie V.


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