Write about how you found your way back

Hey guys, Building off my post about vulnerability, I am going to allow myself to be vulnerable and transparent with you. Skimming a blog post about writing prompts (for blogs) I came across this. "Write about how you found your way back". I thought how fitting. This is a build off of yesterday posts. The … Continue reading Write about how you found your way back

Action Plan

https://hollyshustle.wordpress.com/2019/11/20/overwhelmed-tonight/?preview=true Having a plate full means the need to translate feelings of being overwhelmed into a plan of action. I always tell my team at work... "when you feel frustrated, take a deep breath and together we will look at what we can do to fix the issue whether its process change or a mediated … Continue reading Action Plan

December Photo a Day Challenge by HH

The key to growing your photography skills (like anything) is to practice. @holly'shustle challenges you to a photo a day this December. Hoping a few photography enthusiasts join me for this challenge. 📷📷 Something beautiful Play with light Shadows Glass Nature A street People Movement Symetrical Asymetrical Night Water Door Holiday Red Tradition Animal Home … Continue reading December Photo a Day Challenge by HH