The most important invention in your lifetime is…

Born in 1986, I have the experience of scrolling the library index to research at the library. I also witnessed the birth of the world wide web.

I think the ability to instantly research peer reviewed publications and piece together the unknown is an incredible privilege.

What is best practice around XYZ?– Today we are capable of gathering enough credible information to make a meaningful inference from the comfort of our office (or home).

Feeling overwhelmed? Today we can follow blogs and be (virtually) connected with other humans (strangers) who may have valuable insight to share.

World wide pandemic? Virtual learning, virtual health care– Today this is possible.

This was not possible a short 40 years ago!

On the flip side, I think the world wide web could also be the most detrimental invention of our life time through the birth of social media.

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat have all created a platform for unreal expectations through filtered lives people choose to share, filtered faces which make our youth feel unbeautiful in the skin they live in and keyboard warriors– virtual bullying platform.

A screen- which has become the modern babysitter. Robbing children of experiencing free play, fresh air and imagination. A screen which is making this new generation grow up exponentially faster than previous generations.

Curious on your thoughts if you chose to read my daily prompt two cents this afternoon.


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