Daily writing prompt!

Describe your most ideal day from begining to end.

My vision is hazy as I turn over and wrap my entire body around a plump feather-filled body sized pillow.

I have no where to go.

I sink into the comfort of my warm, soft bed with intention.

The natural circadian rhythm gently wakes me from a restful night-filled slumber of dreamless sleep.

I smell bacon sizzling in the kitchen and the strong odour of coffee sucumbs me, pulling me from the comfort of my bed.

With a smile, my husband says “how was your sleep” while handing me a hot cup of coffee– freshly ground beans soaked in boiled water for the perfect amount of time.

The house is sparkling. Every surface wiped. Every window windexed. The smell encompasses all of your senses and puts you at immediate ease.

“Don’t worry babe; I will do the laundry” my husband says (while smiling).

Its raining outside. If you are still enough you can feel the rain hitting the window with every sense.

“We can be lazy today”.

Still, I decide to do something fun with the kids.

They immediately agree.

[Today, there is no conflict. There is only gratitude. There is only joy. All day. Every moment.]

We go to the book store. Me and the kids. We each pick up a new book to read. A new world to escape into.

When we return home we listen to the rain and read our books—- it is completely silent.

There is a fire lit. The temperature in the living room is perfect. A throw blanket falls over my knees as I find myself lost in my story.

Periodically, I look up and catch the kids lost in theirs.

My husband makes us dinner. Hearty homemade soup. We slurp every last savory drop and make plans for a family evening.

Tonight is the night.

We pull out “grown up” monopoly. There is laughter. There is healthy conflict (I mean its monopoly).

I win of course.

After the kids are tucked safely in their beds, my husband and I talk about what is happening in the world. We devise a plan to help our community. [Totally on the same page.]

We fall asleep in the same comfortable bed I was pulled from in the morning. Arms intertwined. Nothing but love.


JUST IMAGINE…….. ahhhhhhh

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