Impact of social media.

Have you ever wondered the impact social media has on your mental wellbeing?

Have you ever stopped to consider how dependent you are on facebook, instagram, snapchat or twitter?

Im trying to learn to be still. In the moment. And ask myself the important questions: Why am I doing this blog? Why am I working at the jail? What is in it for me? What do I derive from these obligations?

Last night I asked myself, “why am I on facebook?”. What am I getting out of this. Yes I get to see my friends and their kids photos. I stay connected with people I otherwise wouldnt be connected to.

Lately, I just feel the anxiousness brewing. A knot in my stomach. Wasted hours from my day. Mindless scrolling, and for what? What do I really get from being a member on facebook?

There are a lot of positives,

  • I catalogue my best accomplishments
  • I reminisce as I scroll through my memories.
  • I stay connected with my loved ones.

There are also a lot of negatives,

  • Controversial posts
  • Negative news

Just ignore them. Just unfriend them. Its not always just that easy.

So, with the current state of affairs surrounding COVID I am taking a facebook detox. It might be for a few days. It might be for a week. Maybe for the rest of this pandemic. If facebook news is increasing your anxiety threshold I encourage you to join me.

I have habitually went to look at facebook several times today. But logging out has kept me away for the most part. And let me tell you. I can breath better today.

Stay safe & Happy Easter


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