You know, we really are like glass. Some people are fragile like a tall, thin wine glass. Some people, average like your common water glass. Some people give the illusion they’re tough, but in reality they are on the verge of breaking.

Without proper self care and self awareness (especially when you work with trauma impacted individuals) you are at risk to break.

HH December Photo Challenge Day 4 “glass” 1/2300secs f/1.6 ISO 50 HUAWEI PRO

Parents have the most difficult time with this. With kids there is always someone else to worry about and it makes fitting selfcare in to your daily routine more difficult.

Im telling you, make YOU a priority. I have lately, and the pay back is tremendous. Im less stressed. Im happier. I feel healthier.

Today, my colleague and I walked the beach. Collecting seaglass. Removing myself from my work environment enabled me to focus on things besides work. I learned more about my colleague. She learned more about me. This will only help build our relationship and make us a stronger team. But also, this gave both of us a chance to take a mental break from our work stressors. Reset. Rejuvonate for the afternoon– the latter part of the week.

So it doesnt have to be the full spa day. It can be as simple as a 20 minute lunchtime beach walk. Whatever it is, just do it.

Today, Im as strong as seaglass. But I worked for it.

Much love





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