The love of a child

There are so many ways to show love, be loved, do love.

Nothing quite beats the love of a child. The forever forgiving, unconditional love of a child.

As I sit here, both kids wrapped around me (i swear it is like a contest to see who can invade my personal space more) i think about

  • losing my patience this morning while trying to get out the door
  • Saying “no” to a second after school snack because supper is almost ready
  • Having an argument with my husband in front of them
  • I think about all of the things I wish i could take back. All the parenting mistakes ive made.

But here they are… So forgiving and innocent.

Older photo (same story different day). I didnt snap a pic tonight.

I feel so annoyed sometimes. Just touched out. Ill say “give me some space Georgia”. Then, of course, I feel guilty because who says that to a kid.

Tonight Im going to appreciate being their safe space. Im going to show gratitude for the love we taught them to give. Im going to hold them, kiss them and love them.

Time seems to be speeding up. Pretty soon Im going to look back ln these days and wish I could do it all over again.

These two are the best of me. And they love me more then I deserve some days.




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