Holiday Preparations

The holidays are supposed to be about tradition, family and fun. For some theyre stressful, rushed and pressured.

Ive been on both sides of the fence. A little girl in my daughters after school class mentioned this morning at the bus stop “… Georgia arent you excited to get your calendar on Sunday?!”. I was glad for that reminder. Must pick up chocolate advent calenders for the kids. ☑️

Some small changes Ive made this year to make the holidays fun, magical and all about family.

  • Started shopping early- but not too early or else you spend wayyy more then you mean to.
  • Wrap early

I feel no stress… Because its done.

  • Buy the ginger bread houses that are already put together…. At least until the kids are old enough to put it together themselves. We bought ours at costco this year.
  • Charge anything electronic and/ or assemble anything requiring assembly before christmas morning. I didnt wrap those gifts just yet.
  • Put an elf alarm in your calender. Much easier then explaining why he didnt move. Snowflake should be making his appearance Sunday.

I spent my morning shopping and my afternoon wrapping. Now I just have to do Christmas and the magic will fall into place. I loveeee this time of year.

Holly xoxo

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