Action Plan

Having a plate full means the need to translate feelings of being overwhelmed into a plan of action. I always tell my team at work… “when you feel frustrated, take a deep breath and together we will look at what we can do to fix the issue whether its process change or a mediated conflict resolution”. Take action.

I let myself have feelings of frustration and overwhelmness (is that even a word), last week. My poor husband had to listen to me complain about lack of time, inability to manage it etc etc. After some reflection time I have come up with some strategies to get (and keep) the house tidy.

This new cleaning app is customized to my standard of clean. I am off today on a catch up vaca day.

Goal> to have all these rooms in the green by the end of the day.

Next up> I will be creating a chore chart for the kids and introducing the concept of allowance. Stay tuned for that.

Happy Monday


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