Digging for motivation this weekend.

Do you ever have those days where even just taking the dog pee is work. I am having one of those weeks. Avry hasny slept well this week because he caught a bug. Mom duties always come first. A week of broken sleep has me feeling funky.

I havent had my camera out. I’ve missed a few days of my daily photos. I’ve fallen asleep a few nights this week putting the kids to bed which (for me) translates to burning the midnight oil to get my school work done.

Messy house to clean

Georgia has cheer

I have ideas that need to go on paper for my Assignment 2 for school.

I’m working on a presentation for nursing that must become a top priority.

Where can I find the energy to maximize this weekend.

Well coffee first…..always

I think the missing link here is exercise. Everyone always feels better when they get some endorphins flowing.

Another To Do or Must do?

February goals include exercising even just a little bit everyday. More energy and strength are my goals.

Any tips to help me slay this weekend? Digging deep for inspiration to make this one productive because all I feel like doing is curling up on my couch with coffee.


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