Homework: Tips to keep your kids engaged.

I don’t know about the rest of you but homework is proving to be a challenge in my household.  By the time my kids are picked up, cleaned up, fed and bathed there is tired tantrums and silly fights all through the homework battle.  My daughter is in kindergarten and the expectation on these kids is far more then I ever remember when I was that age.  Sight words, learning the phonics sounds and reading simple text are some of the expectations for a kid in K.  So how do you keep them engaged and motivated?  Most importantly, how do you keep homework fun?

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Work sheet from @education_com on pintrest

Some tips I use to keep my kids engaged include:

  • I shake things up!  Switching the focus daily keeps Georgia engaged.  We do homework every day after supper.
    • flash cards to practice sounds and sight words or
    • We draw in her ‘journal’ and practice writing short sentences or
    • We work on simple math.  How many apples? Can you draw three squares
    • This seems to motivate her to commit to 15 minutes of focused learning every day.  Beat boredom!
  • What if you have another toddler at home?  It sure is tricky to focus on a school age child’s homework with a toodler or pre-K kid in the backround.  Well I sure do- and he is a busy bee at that.
    • Including them in the homework fun can never start too early.
    • Action, shape and counting flashcards
    • Tracing letters
    • Drawing pictures (or colouring) in “his journal”

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PDF for this work sheet attached credit to education.com

  • Reading every single night is pretty important.  This can take different forms as well depending on their level of ‘tired’
    • E-books on the computer are pretty popular these day.  Georgia is thrilled to ‘work on the puter’.
    • Simple books for Georgia to read to me.
    • Or (my favorite) when I get to read the classics to my kids and they doze off mid book ZZZZzzzZZZ
  • Look for new sources of learning fun!
    • I am always looking for new ways to keep the kids engaged.  Recently I came across a great website http://www.education.com.   Teachers and parents this website is a must to check out.  Looking for free printables?  Check out @education_com on pintrest (Avry is working on a colouring page from there in the photo above).  I will attach a PDF for you to work on tonight!

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Comment below with how you keep your kids engaged during homework!  I am always looking for new ideas.





16 thoughts on “Homework: Tips to keep your kids engaged.

  1. Some excellent tips in here Holly! I’ll be sure to incorporate some of these into our homework sessions. Can’t wait to try some of those free print outs.


  2. I really love this blog tonight Holly! Finding the balance of working full time and being a Mother and wife has it’s challenges! When Olivia started Kindergarten this year I was worried becuase she wasn’t quite catching on with her letters at first. I had to remind myself that the biggest influence and setting our chikdren up for success starts in the home. So as tired as I may be four months pregnant I am still sure to make that time to go over letters and sight words every single night. After a week her teacher reached out to say what a difference it made, she was right where she needed to be and excelled on her home report! Proud Mom moment for me. I took your advice about the journal each night as well and she loves it! What a great link you have attatched tonight. Always love reading your blogs it’s something I truly look forward to.
    Your faithful fan…. Tamara:)


  3. Holly, you have fantastic ideas to keep your little ones engaged! I’m sure a lot of parents can benefit from your blog. Keep it up!


  4. Such an inspiration! Not sure how you do it. I’m in awe of your dedication and commitment. Your family, coworkers, patients and friends are so lucky to have you.
    Excellent ideas! Xo
    Your fan,


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