10 Skills a Parent Must Master in Order to Survive

  1. The ability to drink a scolding hot beverage (probably containing caffeine) with little people crawling all over you- WITHOUT burning anyone.
  2. The power of counting to three. Hopefully you never get to three.. I’ve been there a few times and you have to act on it.
  3. The magical power of making food half asleep at the crack of dawn … Just so you can say “yes I fed them breakfast”. Not going to lie, I’ve thrown a granola bar at them to buy an hour before I have to complete this task.
  4. The ability to keep the little devil’s awake when they want to nap in the car- once you forego naps having them nap accidently is just devastating to the bedtime routine- Sing in the car (or give them food) both work pretty well
  5. PATIENCE- unless you want to yell – all the frigging time- I suggest you dig deep for this. It will grant you sanity.
  6. Learn to want to play. I know being a grown up is tough and you want to be productive (me included) but sometimes you just have to say “the hell with my responsibilities” and play. You will have order again when they grow up.
  7. Routine. Even if you are not naturally a routined person, developing a routine for the little people will make life easier. I guarantee it.
  8. BUT, teach them to adjust to breaks in the routine. Hell you are going to want to stay out with them past 630pm some nights (aka summer time) and you can’t guarantee to always be home during nap time.
  9. Master bringing sleeping kids to bed from the carseat… Just do it.
  10. Have a glass of wine at the end of the day and pat yourself on the back. You survived another day of parenthood!

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