Shift work Conundrums

How is everybodies Saturday so far?? I feel like a zombie (as pictured below). Being a Shift working family with two wee ones is no easy feat. #thankgodforfamilysupport Honestly not sure what I would do without the constant weekly help from my parents. They save my sanity.

So here is my reality this weekend.

Friday am 0730- Yay the kids sleep in. First time ever. I need to make it to a meeting for the harm reduction symposium committee I sit on for 9am. I’m going to be late and I HATE being late. Oh well… we sleep when the opportunity arises in this house.

Check out Sound the alarm a harm reduction symposium on Facebook or event brite if you are interested in this event.

I meet a colleague for coffee and leave the hospital around 1230pm or so…

1239pm- 230pm Errand time. Return this.. pick up that…

Finally, it’s nap time because this momma needs to work a 12 hour nightshift. Do you think I could sleep?? No frigging way.. I am coming of of days and 0445 wake ups from my kiddos.

Blake works Saturday day 5am- 5pm. And it’s frowned upon to leave kids alone between 5 and 8 so we need a sitter. Sleep over at moms. Swapping of the vehicles. etc etc

7pm-8pm I was at work #exhausted. I drive half way home and realize I left my house key with my car keys at my moms. #feellikecrying Drive all the way to moms who offers to make me breakfast.. Really I am considering just crashing there at this point BUT Charlie is home and needs to be let out to do his business because Blake was in a huge rush this morning. I’m too tired to eat and just come straight home.

So I finally hit the hay at 10am. 26 hours awake.

And at 330pm I am woken up by my kiddos so I can do the mom thing until 6pm when Blake comes home. Then it’s back to the hospital for another 12 hour night.

Kicker… Blake’s next up for a call so we are lining up last minute childcare #justincase

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