Energy and its wellness connection

I have been reflecting a lot lately on how I expend my energy. I dont know about you but I have spent too much time thinking about what could have been, what should have been, what people are saying, and how others are doing.

Who cares. Things arent that way, they didnt happen, people will say all the things and they will either fail or succeed. But guess what? It doesnt matter because it doesnt impact you. And thats all you need to worry about. And I have finally come to a place where I hope all the humans (the good, bad and ugly [figuratively speaking]) do okay. They do them. They work through their stuff. They be OK. Their failings have zero impact on me. Their succeeding. Again zero impact.

We all deserve happiness. Karma always wins any way. Thinking with a glass half full, build all the people up, hope for positive outcomes and focus on your personal goals.

Its just a better way to expend energy. Thats my blog thought for today. ✊✊

Me just doing me.


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