Your core will.

I have discovered that at my core self there is a will to passion. I have been amazingly fortunate to have a job where the connection between my paid work and this will is very explicit. But when I stop doing my current work, I will not be exempt from the task of right action. No matter what I do in the future, I will need to maintain that connection between what I do each day and my core will” (Passage from Trauma Stewardship).

I resonate so much with these words — with the meaning behind them. Two thirds through my masters I am starting to explore next steps. What this means for me. Where my career–my education–my core will– will take me.

The path you choose is yours.

I personally will always be an advocate for vulnerable people. As I always say, Harm Reduction is my purpose as a nurse. I would like to think whereever my career takes me I will have some level of impact on this movement. I truly believe with every small victory we are winning the fight against the opioid crisis. Every win is worth celebrating.

No matter what your core will is you can achieve it. You just have to stay consistent with your values.

  • Everyday challenge yourself by asking “why am I doing this? How does it make me feel? What am I achieving by continuing to do this?”
  • Be willing to challenge the status quo. Change will not happen if you simply assimilate to your environment.
  • Check yourself daily. Are you happy? Does your actions of the day fill your bucket or weigh you down. Happy people deliver positive results.

What is your core will? What moves you? What fills your bucket? Tell me. I want to know.

Peace & love


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