Recognizing when your crispy

What do you mean, crispy? Im not a slice of bacon? Right?!?

A colleague used this word to describe an impending burn out. I liked it so Ive now adopted it as my new concept. And let me tell you. I feel it– just a little crispy– and I know i need to take a sec to recharge. This is what Im learning from my colleague. Proactively take charge of my mental wellness rather than reactively treat mental illness.

  • School
  • Work
  • Kids
  • Kids activities
  • Kids health & wellness
  • Family
  • House
  • Husband
  • Me

Why is “Me” at the end of the list. Why do I feel crispy before I reorganize the priorities?! Is it because Im a mom? Is it because I am a nurse? Maybe it is because Im a student?

Planner therapy~yes its a thing

What do you do to maintain your mental wellness? Safeguard yourself from getting crispy. I practice daily gratitude and plan my life. Sounds ridiculous but I cross my heart its therapeutic.