The Anxiety of Parenthood

Do any other parents out there worry (irrationally) about their kids when theyre not with them?

I swear my life shifted 6 years 3 mo ago— when Georgia was born the worry seemed semi – “new mom” normal.

But… When then Avry was born and the worry (that transforms to anxiety) amplified.

I know I am being irrational and the worry (anxiety symptoms) are coming out of nowhere. I mean to say there is no reason for them.

Im a full time nurse. I was a shiftworker for the first 4 years of Georgias life. I had to really on people to help watch the kids. But I would just worry. I would literally think of the bad things that could happen

  • Boiling water could burn them
  • There would be a car accident and their buckle wouldnt be done right
  • They would choke.

I have been able to cope with these feelings. So why now, why the blog post?!

My mom has graciously offered to watch Avry so I could take Georgia to cheer in peace. When Georgia was all done we made a stop then headed back to moms. So technically I was late. Noone was there. Initially, i start feeling anxious but easily can talk myself off the ledge. Of course I cant reach mom because she still lives like its 1998 and doesnt answer the cellphone. They just went to the store and will be back any minute. As the time passes I start thinking total irrational thoughts

  • What if they were in an accident
  • What if she went somewhere and forgot him in the car
  • Etc etc

Avry is fine. They have returned home. They went to visit “mere” from the mouth of Avs.

So where do these fears come from? Where does this anxiety come from?!

But most importantly, do other parents experience this? I think every parent must experience these feelings to differing degrees. Hopefully.

Interested to hear your thoughts.


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