What is your favorite way to spend the day off?

What the heck is a day off. Mom… Student… Wife… Homeowner… Nurse I never actually get “a day off”. What is my favorite way to spend my time when Im not at work. Easy.

Behind my camera. Its the only thing I do selfishly 100% for me.


With my kids. Although they drive me crazy they are the reason for everything.


I can be in the crankiest mood and Georgia will just come up with the most ridiculous (and innocent) question to ask and she will ask it with such conviction it just snaps you right out of your funk. For example, one morning we were running late to catch the bus. Im rushing. The kids are poking. Shear choas. Georgia, with the most serious face, asks me “mommy, how many food items are in my back pack?”. How can you not stop have a giggle and just like magic your less cranky.

Avry, he is such a little love bug. A hug and kiss from Avry will turn your frown upside down. He always says “I lub you mommie, your my bestfriend” ❤️ Im telling you, listen to his little voice say those words with the cuddliest hug and kiss and tell me you aren’t happier.

Family time is my favorite time.

For many years we were a family with two shift working parents. Luckily I am now in a monday to friday position. Time together is so important. Just having Blake off today has given me the break I need to solo parent while works tomorrow. Support and understanding I have with my husband is hands down what keeps me grounded. He is my voice of reason and the best advice giver.

So that’s a little bit about how I spend my “day off”. Whatever that fabricated concept is. How do you spend your “day off”.