Overwhelmed tonight..

I recently read a blog circulating on face book about how clutter is a trigger for stress and anxiety. Ill link it here

Clutter Is A Trigger Of Stress And Anxiety, Psychologists Say

I agree 100%.

Frig.. I feel overwhelmed tonight. I want to tidy up but im exhausted and the job is bigger then an after bedtime tidy up.

There are some good tips in the blog i am referencing. But frig… Us monday to friday moms.

With shift work, it meant having weekdays off which made keeping the house tidy, errands caught up and the laundry done easier.

How do you keep things tidy when you literally have zero kidfree time.

Get ready for school/work

Go to work

Pick kids up



Tv/reading/play (sometimes I sneak in a bath if Blakes home).


Add in the sports and my studies. 🤔🤨😲🤯

Where do we find the time to keep the chores kept up.

I have been brain storming some ideas.

  • The kids are definately old enough to pitch in. They tidy their toys and stuff now. But, Im looking for age appropriate chores that will actually be helpful.
  • Setting a few ground rules for the house. Little things… Dedicated spots for things etc… Dishes completed immediately after supper… Dont leave your socks on the couch (this I am guilty of…)
  • I love the idea of the “cleaning schedule”.. Im a bit wierd once I write something down. I feel so compelled to do it. This never worked when i was a shift worker due to my wonkey hours. But most cleaning schedules are designed with the mon-fri person in mind.

Or maybe I just need to finally cave and hire a cleaner to help me.

My courses start back in January so I need to find a solution asap before I go crazy.

And the holidays are approaching which means unexpected company..

For those of you who have figured it out please share your secrets..

I need helllppp.


My current view

6 thoughts on “Overwhelmed tonight..

  1. One suggestion Holly, Divide the kids toys into 2 bundles, put one set away, swap them around after a few months, it used to excite my two children to see things they had forgotten and kept them busy for days when the toys came out of storage, plus it cut down on the clutter around us.


      1. Glad to hear that Holly! I had two large plastic storage tubs that fit in a wardrobe or under our bed, the attic was another option. It used to amuse me watching how much fun they got from old favourites rediscovered!

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  2. I also stash away toys to keep it somewhat under control…and for coffee tables we have storage ottomans which can function as toy storage for quick tidy ups. I also lowered my standards to tidiness…it is temporary. I will have a grown up looking house in about 10 years or so…


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