What does a working parent look like?

  • By working parent I am refering to stay at home parents and working outside the home parents ๐Ÿ™‚
  • A working parent feels guilty for walking out that door on Saturday morning while her kid is crying “I want to come too”
  • A working parent struggles to find their patience dealing with whiney toddlers or crying babies all day long.
  • A working parent feels like they miss too many special moments while away from their kids. They miss them every moment they are away than cant wait to go to work the next day.
  • A working parent plans play dates and activities (not because it is amazing for their kids’ development) but because breaking up the day is the only way to survive with intact sanity.
  • This working mom has to put on the face of a nurse and care for patients and families everyday than come home and take care of her family.
  • You know what we both have? Unidentified fluid dried to our shirts at the end of the day! Eeww
  • Today both Blake and I had a tough job. I went to work (Georgia crying for me to stay home) and cared for my patient and their family all day in the ICU. I was hopping until after 11 when I finally got to sit down and eat my breakfast. Blake was home (up since 5ish dealing with the whiners) splitting up the fights… entertaining the two of them… feeding them… bathing them…
  • We both had rough days. He prayed for bedtime.. I wished I could be home for bedtime..
  • I had the amazing opportunity to pee alone.. eat alone.. listen to my own thoughts… BUT I missed my chaos of home…

You parents who stay home have a tough job. I couldn’t do it… do not want to do it.. Don’t let anyone depreciate what you do. You NEVER get a break..

And this is coming from a nurse who pees when her bladder is about to burst and eats breakfast at 11. I believe you have an equally tough gig. Koodos !!!

This is what this working mom looks like.. Baggy eyes.. tired body.. mentally and physically exhausted.. Wine O’clock in this houseโœŒ๐Ÿ’œ

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